Export Documentation Software

Just Trade – Documents creates complete and compliant export documents in seconds.

All businesses buying goods from or selling to other countries need to use certain documents to facilitate customs formalities.

Exporters must complete a commercial invoice and a range of other documents and often find themselves working on multiple systems and spreadsheets. This is because no one solution can complete all documents with the required information and format.

At Just Trade we make things simple. We provide a solution where you only need to complete things once from one online form and all documents are done!

Why the need for an export system?

To avoid costly delays and penalties, documents required to facilitate customs clearance and other critical procedures must be completed in full and correctly.

Without an export solution, administrators are forced to create manual workarounds leading to errors and slow performance outcomes.

Business management systems cannot be easily customised to suit the complex requirements of international trade. Often there is a lack of basic understanding of procedures and documentation so standard systems are not designed to support export administration.

Each country has its own set of rules that apply to cross-border trade which can change according to the nature of goods and transaction value.

What documents do you get?

Just trade produces all the main international trade documents in the SITPRO format. SITPRO is a standardised design that simplifies and organises the presentation of information across multiple document types. The SITPRO format export invoice includes all the boxes required for successful export and import presentation.

The following documents are included:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Export Quotation
  • CMR Note
  • Dangerous Goods Note (DGN) – Road and Sea
  • Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods – Air
  • Standard Shipping Note
  • Air Waybill
  • Cargo Label
Key features
  • All information is completed from one form
  • Templates for storing Customer details, Products, Packaging, Shipping Terms, etc.
  • Save shipping templates for repeat orders
  • Import transactions via API and CSV
  • Easy output of shipping reports
  • Multi-layered packing and goods allocation
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Attach documents to the transaction record (i.e. Proof of Export, Certificate of Conformity, etc.)
  • Calculates weight and measures
  • Processes Dangerous Goods paperwork

“Before ‘Just Trade’, we were manually completing export documentation and double-handling procedures.  The Just Trade application now ensures we are using the correct templates and is automated to our other software.  We looked at other packages available but the ability to access the Tate’s Export Guide directly from the application and stay abreast of changes (whilst being able to create export documentation easily) makes it a package offering excellent value for money.”

Jamie Cox (Sales Manager) CMD Ltd.

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