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Just Trade is a state-of-the-art online platform for making import declarations, preparing export documentation, and checking the requirements for shipping to destinations around the world. The Declarations module makes import customs declarations to the United Kingdom Government’s Customs Declaration Service (CDS).


CDS supports the UK’s trade with the rest of the world and the EU. CDS is the latest reporting system used to process declarations for goods entering and leaving the UK. It went live in 2018 to replace the ageing Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) service.

Benefits of Just Trade - Declarations

• An easy-to-use system.

• No complicated setup - simply access online via your browser.

• Affordable solution - for businesses of all sizes.

• An unlimited number of declarations.

Declaration Types

• Import Supplementary Declarations for CFSP – Entry in a Declarants Records (EIDR).

• Import Frontier Declarations


• A new system with a simplified user interface.

• Process transactions via Government Gateway or port systems such as CNS.

• It is continuously updated with the latest HMRC dataset requirements.

• Create standard templates for repeat orders.

• Store address information and use various lookups for speedy form fulfilment.

• It has a multi-user transaction management core function.


To make customs declarations to CDS, you must register for access via your Government Gateway account. It is recommended that you register for the Trade Dress Rehearsal (TDR) test service.

The TDR Service is a service open to declarants to trial declaration processing in a production-like environment. Just Trade has a dedicated HMRC account manager who can assist new service users in connecting to the relevant CDS team personnel.

For further information, please contact our customer service team at or call us on +44 (0)203 9266200.


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