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All CDS Export Declarations 'live' in September - RIP CHIEF!

Inventory linked exports are due to go live on CDS from the beginning of September 2023, and from November, all declarations will cease to CHIEF/NES. But which exports will be affected by this change? Should I use GVMS? And what is different about each declaration route?

Which Exports will move to CDS in September?

Whereas all import declarations are processed on CDS already, many export declarations must be processed on CHIEF/NES until September 2023.

These are declarations where goods pass through an inventory linked port location (e.g. Felixstowe). Declarations for goods passing via a GVMS managed route (e.g. Folkstone/Eurotunnel) should be routed via CDS already.

Exports via the following inventory linked ports will move from CHIEF to CDS in September:

  • Aberdeen,

  • Avonmouth,

  • Bristol,

  • Chatham,

  • Dagenham,

  • Felixstowe,

  • Glasgow,

  • Grangemouth,

  • Greenock,

  • Harwich,

  • Hull,

  • Immigham,

  • Ipswich,

  • Killingholme,

  • Liverpool,

  • London,

  • Thamesport,

  • Purfleet,

  • Teesport,

  • Tilbury and Tyne,

  • and 200+ ETSFs.

The above list is not exhaustive; please contact MCP, CNS or CCS-UK for details of all locations for confirmation.

When submitting declarations for inventory linked movements, the declaration should be 'Pre Lodged'. The declaration may be routed directly to CDS or via the Inventory linked system (e.g. MCP, CNS or CCS-UK). However, if your declaration is sent to an inventory system, you must purchase a badge for the privilege. Instead, any declarations sent to CDS directly will carry no additional fees.

Which port locations operate GVMS?

Some port locations operate GVMS to manage the flow of exports instead. In such cases, your carrier must use the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS), and you must submit the export declaration as 'arrived' before the goods start their journey.

GVMS applies where you're using one of the following specified carriers for RoRo movements and the goods are leaving from:

  • Dover, if the carrier is Irish Ferries, P&O or DFDS

  • Eurotunnel

  • Fishguard, if the carrier is Stena Line

  • Heysham, if the carrier is Stena Line or Seatrucks

  • Holyhead, if the carrier is Irish Ferries or Stena Line

  • Liverpool, if the carrier is P&O, Stena Line, Seatrucks or CLdN

Find the list of ports using GVMS here.

Main differences between an inventory linked entry and GVMS linked declarations:

CDS field

Inventory linked

GVMS linked

1/2 Additional declaration type

D (Pre-lodged)

A (Arrived)

2/1 Previous documents



2/2 Additional information

RRS01 (GVMS registered)

3/39 Holder of authorisation

EXRR (RoRo Exporter)

5/23 Location of goods

GVM (at end of location)

Get prepared for CDS Exports

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