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Australia UK FTA and New Zealand UK FTA

The UK signed separate free trade agreements (FTA) with New Zealand on 28 February 2022 and Australia in December 2021. Both came into force at midnight on 31 May 2023. As a result, we have completely revamped our country guides for these countries.

You can find the following updated information, amongst more, in our International Trade guide:

UK exporters with goods originating and dispatched from the UK to Australia or to New Zealand should complete an origin declaration.

  • It may be provided on, or attached to, an invoice or other commercial document.

  • Alternatively, Australian and New Zealand importers may claim importer’s knowledge. However, they would be obliged to maintain sufficient evidence to support said claim.

The requirement for relying on proof of origin is waived for low-value shipments in both countries.

  • Proof of origin is not required if the customs value of the imported good is less than 2,000 New Zealand dollars (providing the import does not form part of a series of importations) or 1,000 Australian Dollars.

To find the full list of information that should be supplied for preferential declaration, visit the country pages: Australia and New Zealand.

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