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International Trade Management Solutions

Just Trade is a complete customs declaration and export document solution to international trade. ​It automates your import and export processes, saves time and keeps you informed on the latest rules.


What our customers have to say


'..the ability to access the International Trade Guide

and stay abreast of changes (whilst creating export documentation easily) makes it a package offering excellent value for money.’

Jamie Cox

Operations Director, CMD

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Customs Declaration Service

Export Document Software

International Trade Guide

About Just Trade

Our mission is to digitise global supply chains and empower SMEs to trade effectively, sustainably, and fairly. After acquiring Tate’s International Trade Guide in 2018, we developed the Just Trade Platform and introduced a new export document system to help our clients streamline trade documentation. Then in response to the UK's decision to leave the EU, we recognised the need to mitigate the costs of a hard Brexit, so we added a comprehensive solution for managing UK Customs Declarations Service (CDS). Our commitment is to provide digital solutions for effective, sustainable, and fair trade.

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